About Us


We've been flying gliders in Oklahoma since the 1960's! In the early 2000's OSA moved our operation to Hinton, OK (208). Operating as a member owned club, we have 3 club gliders, a tow plane and many privately owned gliders.


Oklahoma has excellent thermal and ridge soaring opportunities. It's not uncommon for gliders to climb to 12,000 feet or more and travel 300 miles in a single flight out of Hinton. 


We fly year-round in Oklahoma. The summer months between April and October provide the best thermal soaring, while the winter months can provide an excellent training environment when weather permits..


Fun for all ages,  gliding takes no special skills and only requires a love of flight.. Did you know a properly trained student pilot can solo a glider at just 14-years old?  

 Soaring is enjoyed by men, women, children, and families alike. Here's a preview of some of what this safe, eco-friendly outdoor adventure sport has to offer. 

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Schedule a Demo Ride

If you're new or have been flying for years, a demo flight is an excellent way to explore what soaring has to offer. 

What to expect

You'll get a tow to 3,000 feet above ground level and say good bye to the tow plane as you enjoy the next 30 minutes (+/-) of powerless flight! The nominal fee covers everything you'll need. 

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